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100 Essential New Zealand Albums

By Nick Bollinger
100 Essential New Zealand Albums

$40.00 ~ Print

The much talked about and excitedly awaited third installment in the 100 Essential New Zealand series by famed music writer and broadcaster Nick Bollinger. The ultimate book on New Zealand music for any reader or music lover. Music-lovers love lists, and this Top 100 from Radio New Zealand’s highly respected music guru Nick Bollinger is simply terrific. As his legions of fans know, Bollinger’s taste is eclectic: he’s as likely to give space to the Fourmyula as to Fat Freddy’s Drop. His choices come accompanied by some of the most entertaining writing about music and musicians you’re ever likely to read.

Reviews, interviews, author events

“…an informed and entertaining writer… he has a uniquely intelligent perspective… There is a lot to like about this book.” – NZ Musician

“Each piece is a nice quick, enjoyable stand-alone read …100 Essential New Zealand Albums is very well written … There’s also the chance that you could be convinced to listen to something new” – Joe Hackshaw,

“The first New Zealand music book I read in one sitting since John Dix’s. Buy it. Then buy the records.” – Andrew Schmidt, Mysterex

“The result is a rare thing; a list book that reads like a perfectly loose long essay, while also being brilliantly dip-in-and-out…Bollinger…is to music what fellow Awa author Justin Paton is to art writing: an expert who entertains and carries their reader with them; offering a tour, not forcing a hike.” – Clare McIntosh, Fishead Magazine

“Bollinger’s musical life dances to a constant soundtrack of fresh songs, old passions and even now, wonderful discoveries” Graham Reid, Herald on Sunday

“a well researched and considered reflection on the progress of NZ pop music and well worth having on the shelf as a reference” – Mike Booth, muscian

“Plenty of enjoyable anecdotes in this well displayed, colourful mini-encyclopedia of the local music scene.” – Chris Shulz, The Independent

ISBN: 978-0-9582750-3-3
Published: December 2009
Category: 100 Essential NZ Series, Art, Cinema, Music

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