Art Thieves, Fakers and Fraudsters: The New Zealand story

By Penelope Jackson
Art Thieves, Fakers and Fraudsters: The New Zealand story

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Art crime is soaring. Every year as much as $10 billion worth of artworks are stolen. Many more are vandalised, damaged or destroyed. Added to this is a flourishing world of fakes and forgeries, often sold for millions of dollars and hanging in the world’s most prestigious galleries. If you think this is happening only in Paris, London and New York, prepare to be surprised as art curator Penelope Jackson reveals the underbelly of the New Zealand art world.

Read “Art stolen from under our noses” – an extract from Art Thieves, Fakers and Fraudsters by Penelope Jackson

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Penny Jackson talks art crime with Wallace Chapman at Radio New Zealand

Penny Jackson on TVNZ’s Breakfast with Hillary Barry


Author says New Zealanders need to watch out for art crime (


‘Jackson has pursued all manner of research trails that have included local and international showcases, and detective work in galleries and auction houses, and in front of paintings … The book is absolutely fascinating.’ PAULA GREEN, Sunday Star-Times

‘Penelope Jakson reveals stunning local stories … cases of dodgy provenance, family feuds, scandalous security breaches and brazen forgeries makes for a highly compelling read.” ART NEWS, Summer 2016

“[Jacksons’s] book delves into the world of real art crime — the holding up at gunpoint and snatching a painting from the wall, cops and robbers kind.” JUDY MILLAR

‘A walk on the wild side of the art world.’ DR NOAH CHARNEY

‘How is it that the art we love can attract such a motley crew of reprobates, egomaniacs, opportunists and con men? Jackson’s measured and detailed book, awash with tales of appalling behaviour, devious business practices and feral family relations, is fascinating and momentarily uplifting, but most of the time fall-off-your-chair alarming.’ GREGORY O’BRIEN

“Fakes, hoaxes, art thefts … Surely not in our own dear sedate market? Well, yes according to Jackson in her lively account of the varieties of art crime.”
NORTH & SOUTH, Dec 2016

“The book is absolutely fascinating — plus you get to see images of the works under discussion”
PAULA GREEN, Sunday Star-Times, Nov 26, 2016

‘A gun-wielding thief wrenches a painting from the walls of a public gallery. Art bought by a soldier in wartime leads to a legal battle 50 years on. An erotic nude is, seemingly impossibly, stolen. Just some of the remarkable stories in this groundbreaking, engaging and highly recommended book.’ ARTHUR TOMPKINS, EDITOR, ART CRIME AND ITS PREVENTION

‘An impressive collection of cases, immensely entertaining and meticulously researched. Jackson provides ample evidence that art crime abides by the same rules no matter where it is committed. Here are all the research complexities; including problems of museum security, policing priorities and the closed world of the art market.’ DR SASKIA HUFNAGEL, QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

ISBN: 9781927249512
Imprint: Awa Press
Category: Art, Cinema, Music, True Crime

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