Flatter’s Survival Guide

By Lauren Earl
Flatter’s Survival Guide

$40.00 ~ Print

Each year, thousands of young New Zealanders leave home to embark on the great flatting adventure. For many it signals the start of one of the most exciting, liberated times in their lives. For others, chaos and recklessness reign, resulting in gargantuan overdrafts and student loans, malnourishment, and inappropriate interpersonal relations. As appealing as this sounds, there are serious downsides to flatting failures – neglect of study or work, crises of confidence, abject misery and – in the worst case scenario – return to the parental fold. This book is designed to prevent these misfortunes and more.

‘I cook using the four food groups: canned, frozen, bagged, boxed’

‘I should have known that living with five girls in a one-bedroom flat was a recipe for drama’


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It’s funny, useful and handsome to boot – just like the very best flatmates.

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ISBN: 978-1-877551-89-5
Published: October 2013
Category: Money/Personal Finance

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