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How to Catch a Cricket Match

By Harry Ricketts
How to Catch a Cricket Match

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Format: epub mobi

How do you deliver a “googly” or make chin music? What are a beamer, a flipper, a corker, and a jaffa? What do a bunny, a cherry, a dolly and a royal golden duck have to do with sport? Readers will discover the answers to these questions and learn much more about the noble game of cricket in this entertaining and enlightening book. Written by a passionate player and cricket-watcher, the book traces the sport from the author’s cricketing childhood in England to a seat on the bank at a match between the Black Caps and the Windies at Wellington’s Basin Reserve.

“A classic book on the alluring game.” – Spiro Zavos

“As elegant and economical as a Martin Crowe straight drive, this slim volume contains an admirably clear and concise introduction to cricket, a potted history of the game, a guide to the many and varied pleasures available to the serious cricket follower, and some beguiling fragments of autobiography. Well played, Mr Ricketts.” – Paul Thomas

“A beautifully crafted innings of a book – stylish, perceptive, superbly focussed and vastly entertaining” – Kevin Ireland

ISBN: 978-1-927249-58-1
Imprint: Awa Press
Illustrations: 17
Published: November 2006
Category: Biography/Memoir, Ginger ‘How To’ Series, Sport

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