How to Listen to Pop Music

By Nick Bollinger
How to Listen to Pop Music

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It’s the music that shook the world. ‘I don’t sound like nobody, ‘ Elvis Presley said in 1954. True. The truck driver from Memphis was about to set off the biggest musical cataclysm since Mozart.

In this perfectly realised book, Nick Bollinger, New Zealand’s favourite rock journalist, tells how the new music changed not only the world but his own life – and that of every generation to come. From Beatlemania and the long-playing record to Eminem and the iPod, How to Listen to Pop Music is an illuminating guide to pop music – and a true memoir of our time.

‘Such a wonderful nostalgic read … I was constantly reminded of my own blissful discovery of music. I loved it’
FIONA MCDONALD, New Zealand Idol judge

Good book! Like an Antipodean version of Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs but more expansive and generous … This other Nick experiences the primeval wonder at first exposure to pure pop, the wild enthusiasm for songs and records that leave others bemused and cold, the insane need to track this music to its roots’

ISBN: 9780958250962
Published: November 2004
Category: Art, Cinema, Music, Ginger ‘How To’ Series

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