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How to Watch a Bird

By Steve Braunias
How to Watch a Bird

$26.00 ~ Print

$13.00 ~ E-book

Format: epub mobi

As prize-winning journalist Steve Braunias stands on an apartment balcony on a sultry summer evening, a black-backed gull flies so close he is instantaneously bowled over with happiness: ‘I thought: Birds, everywhere. I wanted to know more about them.’

This book is the result – a wondrous personal journey into the amazing world of birds, and the people ensnared, captivated and entranced by them: the passionate tribe of bird-watchers and twitchers.

Read a sample chapter here:

‘A great book, original and captivating – compelling to the end’

‘Steve Braunias’s fascination and delight are contagious – and inspirational’

‘Steve Braunias has done for feathered New Zealand what Kerry Packer did for cricket. Even though they don’t know it, birds will never be the same again’

ISBN: 9780958262965
Published: May 2007
Category: Ginger ‘How To’ Series, Sport

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