How to Watch a Game of Rugby

By Spiro Zavos
How to Watch a Game of Rugby

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How to Watch a Game of Rugby is enthralling, amusing and hugely informative. A book for the fans and those yet to convert.

Spiro Zavos’s new book, How to Watch a Game of Rugby, will delight both fans and those yet to develop a full appreciation of the finer points of the game. Zavos shares his love of the sport with wit and passion, and passes on some illuminating pointers. Those who have ever wondered what the difference is between a ruck and a maul, a fly half and a fullback will find the answers here. Those who already know – and agree with Spiro’s contention that the good watcher of rugby is the one who is passionate about the game’ – should prepare to be indulged.

‘One for all rugby lovers Spiro Zavos’ best book yet’

‘Thoughtful, passionate and entertaining’

‘Spiro Zavos brings to each match a sense of occasion, a slice of history, a cultural perspective and the passion only a true fan feels’

‘Unveils the romantic side of rugby, a side most people never knew existed’

‘An exceptional writer Spiro Zavos’ pieces invariably challenge the thought processes of even the most learned students of rugby’

ISBN: 9780958250931
Published: May 2004
Category: Ginger ‘How To’ Series, Sport

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