Ocean Notorious: Journeys to lost and lonely places of the deep south

By Matt Vance
Ocean Notorious: Journeys to lost and lonely places of the deep south

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Venture to the deep south and you will experience a world like no other – forbidding subantarctic islands, astounding sea creatures, death-defying plants, the constant company of birds and, if you travel far enough, the towering ice cliffs and dead valleys of Antarctica.

Few people visit this remote and mysterious region but for some the lure is irresistible. As an expedition guide, Matt Vance has accompanied intrepid tourists and birders, artists and writers. In Ocean Notorious he gives a moving first-person account of the lonely places where lives have been changed and history made – from the obsessive explorers of the heroic era to solo sailors in tiny yachts, marooned wartime coastwatchers and ruthless plunderers of wildlife to today’s dreamers, drifters and passionate preservationists.

Available in all good bookstores and e-retailers in November. However, available for pre-sale now!

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“Beautifully written and immensely satisfying.”
REBECCA PRIESTLEY, author and winner of the Royal Society Science Book of the Year Prize

“I totally enjoyed this book – full of observation and history, and woven with wry humour like all great travel writing.”
MIKE SINGLE, natural history film-maker

ISBN: 978-1-927249-26-0
Size/weight: 220 x 150 mm
Category: Sport, Travel & Travel Guides

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