Smoking in Antarctica

By Steve Braunias
Smoking in Antarctica

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Steve Braunias shines in this superb selection of new writing. Starting with the election of John Key, he comments with devastating directness on the devious ways of politicians, the effects of the recession, and the notorious murders that shocked the country to the core. On a lighter note, he relates his adoration of birds, his detestation of ‘truly horrible food’ (columns which brought countless contributions from readers) and the ‘hell’ of his much-vaunted stay in Antarctica. Threaded throughout – and reported with disarming honesty – is Braunias’s own journey as a journalist and would-be novelist. Above all, he writes about his young daughter in moving columns that have won him many new readers and admirers.

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Graham Beattie, Beattie’s Book Blog: ‘If you are ever feeling blue, read one of these delicious essays. The sun will soon shine again … Every one is a gem’

Sonja de Friez, Radio New Zealand Nine to Noon: ‘Diverse, whimsical, clever… absolutely recommended’

“Braunias writes columns that make every New Zealander smile and give a little snort of recognition… What makes Smoking in Antarctica shine is the willingness of Braunias to share his personal journey.”
– Jan Goldie, Tauranga Writers Website

“The latest book by Braunias – widely considered the funniest and most thoughtful columnist in New Zealand” – Greymouth Evening Star
“It works on many levels – it’s funny, personal, and often deeply evocative. Just a few reasons then why this book will endure, unlike many other journalistic offerings of its kind”
– Paul Smith, Kiwiboomers

“This is a great book to dip into, to read while relaxing, in the bath or just sit down one quiet afternoon and read from cover to cover. It would make an excellent summer holiday read. I love this authentic New Zealand voice: laconic, smart, observational, funny and emotional.”

ISBN: 978-1-877551-11-6
Published: November 2010
Category: Essays/Journalism, Politics/Issues, Travel & Travel Guides

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