The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein

By Tom Barnes, Paul Callaghan, Hamish Campbell, Lesley Hall, Richard Hall, Robert Hannah, Matt Visser, Rebecca Priestley
The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein

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In 1905 Albert Einstein is 26 and working at the Swiss Patent Office as a poorly paid third-class technical expert. In his spare time he pursues his passion for physics. The papers he produces will be extraordinary, revolutionising the way we view the world and laying the foundation of modern physics.

In this collection of essays from the acclaimed Royal Society/National Radio series E=mc2, leading New Zealand scientists and historians explore the centuries of science that led to Einstein’s astonishing discoveries, and their world-shaking aftermath:

Matt Visser A Short History of the Universe
How it all began

Hamish Campbell Discovering the Age of the Earth
Deciphering the geological clues

Richard Hall & Lesley Hall Einstein and the Eternal Railway Carriage
Einstein the man, and his amazing theory of relativity

Tom Barnes Schrödinger’s Cat
The mystery and magic of quantum mechanics

Paul Callaghan Journey to the Heart of Matter
The road that led to Ernest Rutherford and the final frontier

Robert Hannah The Unconquered Sun
Keeping time, from the ancient lunar calendar to the 21st century atomic clock

John Stenhouse Galileo’s Dilemma
Are science and religion always incompatible?

With an introduction by Rebecca Priestley

‘A riveting series’ – CAMILLE GUY, THE LISTENER

ISBN: 0958262926
Published: April 2006
Category: History, Popular Science

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