The New Torchlight List

By Jim Flynn
The New Torchlight List

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“In compiling The Torchlight List I had the advantage of knowing which books are considered classics, ones that have appealed to readers decade after decade. After finishing it I decided to look for contemporary classics. For six years I spent most evenings reading books by current writers in English and writers whose books had been recently translated. Who are the best modern novelists? See if you agree with me.”

As a university professor and expert in human intelligence, Jim Flynn has become concerned at the decline in reading among adults in general and young people in particular. In his experience, reading great books sharpens the mind and provides a deeper understanding of the world, so the reader is not just swept along by the river of time but is able to play an exciting and fulfilling role in human society. Challenged by his students as to what books they should read, he produced The Torchlight List, which was widely acclaimed, and changed lives. Now in The New Torchlight List Flynn turns his piercing eye on modern authors. Are the ones who receive the kudos really the best?

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Praise for The New Torchlight List:

“Those wanting some starting texts will be informed, and avid readers will enjoy agreeing or disagreeing with his selections … a great read, and conversation starter.”
HELEN SPEIRS, Otago Daily Times, 20 August

“[Jim Flynn] has scoured the globe looking for the pearls by today’s authors: you’ll be surprised, delighted, outraged but that is the magic of a book list.”
WALLACE CHAPMAN, RNZ The New Torchlight List Podcast, Sept 4

“A new reading checklist to push our brains to think hard about what makes a particular book excellent.”
UNITY BOOKS, Spring 2016

“… an inspiring list of contemporary English books accompanied by Jim≠s own, sometimes audacious, opinions.”
Royal Society of New Zealand, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-927249-44-4
Category: Literature, Philosophy

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